Here we are with a new week and a new week means new adventures.  I’m hoping that last week’s Organizational Tips for “The Heart of Your Home” (your kitchen) has worked for you and you are ready to move into the next focus. This week I’m focusing on your bedroom … the Master Bedroom that […]

Welcome back and thanks for joining me again. This week I’d like to focus on the “Heart of Your Home” … your Kitchen.  Why do I believe it’s the “Heart of Your Home”?   Your Kitchen is the hub for your family.  It’s the place where most activity occurs, most decisions are made, and the place […]

As we begin our organizational journey these next 51 weeks, there are a few “standard procedures” that I want you to keep in mind as you take this journey with me each week.  These procedures will apply to every area we will be working on. Point #1 As you begin to remove clutter and start […]

It’s a New Year and with a New Year people feel obligated to make resolutions, write out their goals and make changes.  When we give up on those resolutions (sometimes before the month of January is over), we feel defeated and think what the use?  Why bother?  I guess I’ll try again next year.  Maybe […]

We are about to enter into a New Year and I’ll bet many of you are wishing and hoping that it is better than the last.  Wishing and hoping are good but we need to take it a step further and get a vision … because “people perish without a vision.” So do you have […]