Teaching our little ones the skill of organizing can never start too early.  Even as toddlers, we teach them how to stack, sort and categorize their blocks, toys and stuffed animals.  What a great beginning! Our next area of focus is the children’s playroom … if you have one … if not … it could […]

Is that medicine cabinet of yours purged, cleaned and now organized?  That should not have been a BIG project but one that could have been accomplished in 20-30 minutes.  Now for the rest of the bathroom! Does your bathroom have a linen closet?  Then you will want to tackle that first.  It’s always best to […]

Have you been enjoying “Your Sanctuary” this past week?  If not, pop me an email and let me know your struggles.  I’d love to offer some suggestions. This week I want to focus on a room that is truly “a matter of safety”!  Do you know which room that is?  It’s your bathroom.  Typically, this […]

How did you do with last week’s Organizational Tips for “Creating Your Sanctuary”? Now we are going to go into the room that needs to be your “Sanctuary” … your bedroom.   Remember it should be a place of serenity and comfort.  It needs to be a place that you are finding peace; a place where […]