Does the thought of going room to room to de-clutter seem like a task too hard for you to take on right now?  Do you feel overwhelmed with even trying to decide where to start or how to begin?  Well here are some overall de-cluttering tips that you can do in about 10-15 minutes a […]

If you are like me, I try to be as natural in what goes in my body as well as what is around my body.  My cleaning products are as “earth” friendly as possible. This week I thought you might enjoy some natural cleaning ideas as you perhaps begin your spring cleaning. Baking Soda Is […]

I know when the temperature is in the teens or 20’s that it seems far off that spring is right around the corner … but let’s believe it is.  In fact it’s only 3 days away and even if the weather doesn’t display “spring” right now at least our Calendars do! For me spring is […]

… or is it? Are you ready for the birds chirping, the crocus blooming and the leaves breaking free on the tree branches? Are you excited about opening your windows and breathing in the fresh air? Are you thinking “Spring Cleaning”? Well it is the perfect time to get those dust bunnies hopping right out […]

Organizing playrooms or play spaces for children can increase the amount of fun they have by reducing the clutter and mess.  But remember ALWAYS involve your little ones in the clean-up and organizational project.  If they are old enough to play with it, they are old enough to clean it up … even if they […]