Do you know that: “Every two minutes today, we snap as many photos as the whole of humanity took in the 1800’s.  In fact, 10% of all the photos we have taken were in the past 12 months.” So what are you doing with your photos?  Are you preserving these precious memories that, if lost, […]

Summer is soon upon us!  Only 5 days away!  Are you making your summer travel plans or are they already scheduled and booked? As you get ready for your exciting summer vacation, here are some traveling tips to get you packed and organized. It is recommended to keep a scented fabric sheet in the bottom […]

Tomorrow I will have the privilege of speaking at a B.I.G. (Believe, Inspire, Grow) Group on “Streamlining Your Day — For Maximum Productivity & Joy.”   One thing I will ask the Group is at the end of each day, how do they feel about their accomplishments for that day?  Are they content and fulfilled […]

This time of year there are so many topics to choose from regarding organization. Today I want to talk about Gift Giving, having a Gift Wrapping Station and some strategies to make it easier for you throughout the year. At the beginning of the year, sit down with a calendar and make a list of […]