As I meet with clients with limited space to help them with organizational needs whether it is their residence or small business, we find that there are rooms that can be used for “dual” purposes.  What rooms might they be? Closet for an office Section of family room for office Section of kitchen for an […]

Nothing makes an organizer happier than getting organizational products AND getting organizational products that work. I recently received an organizational product for wrapping paper, gift bags, cards, ribbons, boxes, tape and of course scissors.  It’s by Wrap iT! I’m in love! This product has many compartments that are wonderfully designed to hold just about everything […]

Starting the school year out prepared and organized is so important in helping everyone stay sane.  Just the transition from those “lazy days of summer” to the now more structured and ridge days can be hard enough.  But adding chaos to those changes make it even harder. How can you help your children be organized […]

It’s that time of year when we are winding down from the summer in preparation for school.  I know that two weeks from today my son starts his college classes again for a third year.  Where did the summer go? So how can you or your children be prepared as the school season starts?  Well, […]

I remember years ago in my homeschooling days attending a Conference in Orlando, FL.  The Florida Conference was always a wonder Conference to attend.  Of course it was in a wonderful Resort with much to do during non-Conference time.  But the attendance at the Conference was well over 10,000 people and the vendors and speakers […]