Choosing our friends is an important part of life and choosing the friends that are compatible can be a tricky at times.  We all have had a time in our life when we have chosen people to be our friends that ended up being more of a disaster than a friend.  So we learn from […]

When I am working with “chronically disorganized” individuals and we de-clutter their home, there are now tasks that each family member must do to keep the work complete and the house in order.  If not, they will need to rehire me to bring things to order once again. But rehiring me is not necessary if […]

Our lives are made simpler and perhaps more entertaining each day with the variety of small electronics available.  Electronics such as cell phones, IPods, MP3 players, eBook readers, and handheld video games (just to name a few) can certainly cause additional clutter in your home.  How can you store all your devices along with their […]