Get Organized Month guidelines with Organizing Tip #29. Many people have the skill and ability to de-clutter and organize their homes or small businesses. But there are times when the best of an organized person might need to call in the troops. When are some of those times? 1. After a divorce or after getting […]

Something “creative” for our Get Organized Month with Organizing Tip #28. Crafting is a wonderful hobby and of course having the right tools makes it all the more fun. Trying to be creative in an unorganized, cluttered room definitely will make it hard. We don’t always have the right tools or the right space but […]

Winding down our Get Organized Month with Organizing Tip #27. Do you ever wonder why Professional Organizers can be nerdy about their label makers? Well there are very logical reasons. Here are a few: 1. When you label something, you give it meaning and purpose. For example, if you create a file folder that says […]

Organizing Tip #26 for our Get Organized Month! Sometimes we need to justify and reason with ourselves why we should begin a de-cluttering project. We absolutely want to be certain it makes sense and good sense at that. Well here are 7 reasons that might help you get started and propel you into action: 1. […]

Get Organized Month! Organizing Tip #25 Do you find reasons to procrastinate especially if you need to focus on organizing or de-cluttering? Here are 7 Ways to Halt Your Procrastination: 1. Just Start – stop making excuses, over-thinking or waiting. 2. Set a Timer – put a timer on for a duration you feel you […]

Get Organized Month! Organizing Tip #24 Just like menu/meal planning (Organizational Tip #22 will help with not wasting food, so will organizing your refrigerator. Many times we have left overs we forget about or food that gets pushed back in the refrigerator and we forget we have it only to go and purchase more. […]

Get Organized Month! Organizing Tip #22 You have all heard the statement “never grocery shop hungry.” Why? Because you will tend to purchase more than you really need … and you tend to purchase more junk food or sweets. But another way to avoid overspending is by creating a menu of meals for the week. […]

Organizing Tip #21 is switching gears for our Get Organized Month! Today I had the privilege of speaking at Simsbury Public Library on Leaving a Legacy. We had a lovely turnout and the audience participation was great. Today I want to switch gears from residential organizing to photo organizing. So I have a question for […]

Organizing Tip #20 is so simple and quick for our Get Organized Month! Would you like the easiest, simplest, quickest way to stay organized? Well here it is …. PUT IT AWAY NOW! Once you are done using an item, put it immediately away. Don’t put the item down anywhere other than the place it […]

Let’s continue in the closet as you get Organizing Tip #19 for Get Organized Month! Love this Organizing Tip from Professional Organizer Jane Toledo! Use water bottles in your tall boots to help them stand upright in your closet. This will enable you to stand them up neatly without falling over and taking up more […]

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