Do you need some quick and easy tips on getting your office organized? Follow these: 1. Schedule time to focus on just organizing this space. Don’t make phone calls. Don’t check emails. Don’t do anything except focus on this project. 2. Remember your desk is your prime real estate. Do not have anything on your […]

I am in the process of redoing my Family Room and desperately needed new sofas as the old ones were torn and a mess. But buying new sofas led to the room being painted. The room being painted led the painter to take down the curtain rod (to paint) which led me to keep them […]

As we wrapped up our January Get Organized Month, I hope you found the 30 Days of Quick Organizing Tips helpful. Remember, you can always go back to anyone of those tips and apply them to your home or small business at any time. Today, I’d like to focus on a few different methods for […]

We have arrived for our Get Organized Month – Organizing Tip #30. Today is it! Day 30 of our “30 Days of Quick Organizing Tips.” If you’ve been following along, you have taken in a lot. If you’ve begun implementing these tips, then pat yourself on the back. You need to be commended. My organizing […]