As a follow up to my post from last week regarding the condemnation we may feel, at times, when we look through Organizing Magazines, I’d like to take the next step — using Organizing Containers. Last week I talked about the steps of purging before you go out and purchase organizing containers because you might […]

Organizing seems to be the “buzz” word these days with TV Shows, Books, Magazines and Professional Organizers filling a profession. Because we are a Nation of “stuff, many families are overwhelmed with what they have accumulated. They feel compelled to keep their “stuff” because of the cost of purchasing it; but they are running out […]

One of my most favorite past times is reading. I love books! Did I say that? I love books! Books are a wonderful way to learn, past the time, and go on an adventure. Being a homeschool mom for 14 years, we did have our collection of books. After completing my years of homeschooling, I […]

Recently, I was interviewed by Bed Bath and Beyond for “Organizing Tips” for sports equipment in garages. Their Blog post can be found at: Storing Sports Gear in Garages. As the sports season continues into the summer, there is no better time to start than now with getting your garage organized for all your children’s […]

Who remembers the days of The Brady Bunch or Leave it to Beaver? Alice knew how to keep Carol and Mike Brady’s home in tiptop shape. June Cleaver was the model wife with a spotless home. One that was accomplished in high heals shoes. Those days are no longer here and really were they ever? […]