Memories are so important to us and more specifically to families. They are what could strengthen a family or keep a family together. Back in 2003, my family fell apart and I began going through a very tumultuous divorce. This was nothing I neither planned for nor wanted for my family. I grew up wanting […]

It’s that time of year where the sun is changing direction and there is a twinge of fall approaching. I don’t know if it’s just me and if you feel the same but something changes in August around mid month. Maybe it’s just my mind doing a paradigm shift to get ready for what September […]

Our computers can be extremely valuable tools in our lives, but they can also become inadvertently overloaded with clutter. It is very easy to clutter a computer, because the clutter can be easily hidden from view. However, clutter can make your computer run slower, make it more difficult to find what you need, and make […]

Sometimes less is more and when it comes to our “stuff,” that statement can certainly be applied. But today I want to apply it to an Organizing Tip for this week. It’s going to be less than what is usually written but I am confident it will supply you with more of what you need. […]