These handy organizers can be found at a number of different stores. Just to name a few.  Bed Bath & Beyond WalMart Target Container Store Kmart Amazon Pottery Barn Teen Houzz Handy Laundry Wayfair These handy organizers are marketed usually for shoes. By all means they work great for shoes but there are many other […]

By now you should be half way through this 31-Day De-Cluttering Challenge. How is it going? Are you able to each day gather the focused item and purge or are you finding reasons to hold onto them? Now please understand that just because I am suggesting an item each day for purging does not mean […]

When I do speaking engagements as a Professional Organizer,  I always do them “hands on.” I want my audience to walk away with something they can physically do when they get home. So I’ll usually hand them a list of items that I want them to check off to see if they have them in […]

Yesterday I spent a part of my day doing laundry. Don’t like to be doing work (unless totally necessary) on a Sunday. Saturday is my laundry and clean house day. But I was gone most of Saturday having a little fun with some neighbors and then tending to my mom’s needs. So Sunday was my […]

As a continuation from my last Blog Post on Children’s Toys – How to Organize!  I want to continue with children and organizing their Artwork. This is an area many parents struggle with … especially if they have a large family. It truly is impossible to store every art piece from every child for the […]

Toys are one of the hardest areas to deal with in the home as a parent. The littler your children are, the bigger the toys. As they get older, the toys get smaller. At least you have that to look forward to. But what can you do now to manage all these toys and create […]

I am currently in the midst of scanning two very large photo orders for two different clients. It’s so much fun for me because I love pictures and I love seeing the memories families have captured. Some times in my photo projects, I don’t have access to the individuals I may be doing Memory Books […]

Spring is here and full blown in CT. Yesterday it was in the 80’s. Don’t want to be one to complain of beautiful weather. But to me it’s ridiculous. Just the day before I woke up and it was in the 30’s in the morning. I had to turn the heat on … just for […]

A very common request for organizing is the kitchen and more specifically the kitchen with paperwork. The two aren’t necessarily a good marriage.   Yes, some kitchens are equipped with the means to properly store paperwork by having a desk area (built in or not) for the storage of your key papers. But many kitchens are […]

It’s hard to believe that spring is a week away as we here in New England having a blizzard. Eugene is blowing through the Northeast. Regardless, that we are still dealing with the affects of winter, it is never too late to prepare for spring! It’s this time of the year that Professional Organizers hear […]

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