A very common request for organizing is the kitchen and more specifically the kitchen with paperwork. The two aren’t necessarily a good marriage.   Yes, some kitchens are equipped with the means to properly store paperwork by having a desk area (built in or not) for the storage of your key papers. But many kitchens are […]

It’s hard to believe that spring is a week away as we here in New England having a blizzard. Eugene is blowing through the Northeast. Regardless, that we are still dealing with the affects of winter, it is never too late to prepare for spring! It’s this time of the year that Professional Organizers hear […]

Today I want to talk about your office but more specifically your desk.   In this Blog, I am adding “a little bit of health.” “Do you know that for every hour you sit down, your life expectancy decreases by two hours? For comparison, every cigarette smoked reduces life expectancy by 11 minutes,” Dr. James Levine. […]

The digital world is ever increasing in paper storage, photo storage and our means of communication. Thinking that being “digital” will save time, money and space is now more of a fallacy. Today individuals are on “digital overload” and what makes it even harder to deal with is you can’t actually hold it in your […]

I am not one that promotes or believes in New Years Resolutions. What pressure we place on ourselves with those Resolutions. First, we have the pressure of what our Resolution should be. Secondly, we put such pressure on ourselves to stick to this resolution. Of course when the New Year comes, we are all excited […]

With Christmas … and Hanukah just 12 days away, gift giving can be somewhat stressful if you still have gifts to purchase. Do you have family or friends that you are just stumped as to what to give them? Do you have a limited budget but want to be creative? Do you feel that you […]

Can you believe that Christmas is just 20 days away? Are you ready? I have to say I am not. I have 2 gift purchased thus far. But I have to say I do have my Christmas Binder and I’m ready to move forward … a little faster. Create a Holiday Binder. In that Binder, […]

With the Holidays fast approaching, are you starting to feel overwhelmed?   As exciting as this time of year can be, having two Holidays somewhat close to each other can be a bit overwhelming. What are some things you can do to help ease the stress and make it an enjoyable Holiday season? Check out these […]

So many times we talk about how to get organized. Of course, that is a great topic to be discussing. But there are some who have gotten themselves organized (either on their own or by hiring a Professional Organizer) and now want some strategies on staying organized. Understand that there are many books and teachings […]

Summer is officially over and we are getting into the routine of our fall activities and responsibilities.   A responsibility that most of us leave as a low priority is the organizing and preserving of our photos. We’ve had an active summer taking photos of vacations, family gatherings and family celebrations. But we tend to leave […]

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