10 Summertime Home Chores

With the weather being warmer and summer right around the corner, it is a good time to take care of some maintenance items for your home. One of the issues I find with clients who have a major clutter problem is not having the understanding that chores are part of their lives. We cannot live in our home (be it a house or an apartment) and not do chores. This is a reality. If you choose not to do chores, clutter will happen, dust will accumulate, and unfortunately things will break. Bottom line your home will be a mess and very stressful.

I encourage my clients to create a “Chore List” and determine what day of the week they can accomplish these chores. It can be a simple Excel sheet. Doesn’t have to be fancy. Just make the list and determine what day of the week it will work for you. The list doesn’t need to be in concrete. If Saturday is your laundry day and you have an all day activity come up, then by all means go. Just put your laundry chore on another day of the week to get it done. Or if you have enough clothes to last a week, do the laundry the following week. Just know that when that day comes, you will have double the load so you need to account for it.

Here are some “yearly” chores you might consider doing now:

  1. Dryer lint filters and piping – We all should clean the lint filters after every dryer run. But let’s not forget about the piping and vent. Yearly, we should hire someone to clean out the piping that goes from the dryer to the outside vent. It can get clogged and if not tended to WILL cause a fire.
  2. Stove hood vents – They can get pretty greasy and should be cleaned at least yearly. If the grease does not want to come out, then consider replacing.
  3. Gas grills – They should be cleaned after the season is over for sure. But at least once a month should be cleaned. Grease can build up and cause a carbon like substance all over the grill … especially the hood. This build up can be a fire hazard and cause your food to not taste good.
  4. Gutters – I clean my gutters yearly after all the leaves have fallen. But this year I had to do one part of my house again. The gutter was full and the water wouldn’t drain appropriately. It was overflowing and ruining my gardens. Also having the water sit in the gutters is a great way for mosquitos to find a home.
  5. Washing machine hoses – Good time to check the hoses to be sure there are no cracks. Have a hose burst while you are washing would cause a major water problem.
  6. Windows – Great time to clean your windows and check your screens for holes and tears. Get the screens replaced or at least put a patch on the hole or tear. You want to keep the bugs on the outside of your home.
  7. Patios – Power wash to remove mold and mildew so you can enjoy those family BBQs.
  8. Decks – Check for rotted wood and replace. Power wash if needed as well as seal.
  9. Outside of home – check for rotted wood and areas that may need to be replaced and re-stained.
  10. Ceiling fan – Change the direction of the fan to push air downward and create a cool breeze.

This is a great start and of course not the end of the list. Add to your list whatever may be appropriate for your home. Oh and BTW don’t forget to assign some of these chores to your children. It is a great way for them to learn how to do chores and learn a sense of responsibility. Someday they probably will have a home of their own.

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