12- Days of Change for Your Health

Recently, I heard that someone I know, and love has their cancer metastasized to another organ in their body.  I’m mad and angry that this ugly demon is making havoc in this person’s life.  I made some recommendations to have this person look to natural healing methods.  But was told they would not be open to other means for turning their health around.  They are comfortable sticking with traditional medicine even though they are not getting positive results.  All I can do is pray …

As I thought about this person and the changes that would need to be made, I realized it might be a bit overwhelming for them.  Making a lifestyle change can be dramatic and seem overwhelming.  For this person, I would have to recommend an “all in” change.  That would mean what they eat, what they put on their body and what they clean their home with would have to change dramatically.  They are in crisis mode.  Many people are now turning to that “holistic” way of healing with 100% results.

But for the average person, who is not in a crisis, you can begin to make changes in your life that won’t seem so overwhelming because you will gradually make those changes.  Many times, throughout the year, I offer a 31-Day Decluttering Challenge and you can check my Blog for those challenges.   For now, I want to focus on health and wellness.

What are some of those changes you can make to change your health around?  Each day make a change with your eating or what you put on your body or what cleaners you are using in your home.  You can take it slowly.  This way you won’t feel overwhelmed.  As I tell my Seniors who are considering the option of downsizing, “Make a decision now while you are able to make the decision.  Don’t wait until the circumstances make the decisions for you.”  Well I say the same to you regarding your health.  Make those lifestyle changes now. Don’t wait for you to be in a health crisis to decide to make those changes.

Here are some changes for you to make for the next 12 days to help propel you into a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Water – be sure that you are drinking enough water each day. They say half your body weight in ounces.  So, if you weight 125 pounds you would need to drink 62 ½ ounces of water each day or 7 to 8 8-ounce glasses of water.  Squeeze lemon put fresh mint, cucumbers, fresh berries or doTerra Essential Oils in your water to give it a refreshing taste.  Bottom line be sure you are hydrated.
  2. Sleep – be sure you are getting 7-8 hours of restorative sleep each night. Restorative sleep is when you wake up feeling refreshed.  If you are waking up in the night or having trouble getting to sleep, deal with it.  Don’t just accept that’s the way it is to be.  And dealing with it by taking a prescription drug is not necessarily the answer.
  3. Dairy – if you are going to eat/drink dairy be sure it is And if it’s organic be sure it’s not ultra-pasteurized.  Ultra-Pasteurized is dairy heated to over 280 degrees.  It kills all vital nutrients.  If you are not purchasing organic, be sure the cows have not been injected with hormones and the cows are grass-fed … not fed with grain or corn.
  4. Meat – you want to be sure your beef, chicken and pork is not injected with hormones.  You want them to be grass-fed AND get to roam.  Avoid all CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation).  Your standard meat at your standard grocery store is probably from CAFOs.  This is cattle that is confined to a small pen and fed un-naturally.  Cattle needs grass not grain or corn.
  5. Vegetables – try to get at least 5 different fruits and vegetables in each day. Raw is best but steamed is good also.  If you can’t get it fresh, then get it frozen.  Stay away from canned vegetables or fruits as much as possible.  If you have a budget for it, purchase organic … at least for the Dirty Dozen.  Go to Dirty Dozen/Clean Fifteen to find the fruits and vegetables that are highly recommended to eat organic.  If they are not organic, they have residue of pesticides left on them.  The Clean 15 is those fruits and vegetables that can be purchased conventional.
  6. Glad Plug-Ins/Febreze/Yankee Candles – avoid at all costs. Can’t say this enough.  Remove them from your house immediately.  If you have new ones, don’t even consider donating.  Bring them to a hazardous waste recycling place.  The ingredients in these products are toxic.  If you want a fragrance in your house, consider diffusing Essential Oils.  I love my doTerra Essential Oils I want to try Essential Oils.
  7. Exercise – be active and come up with an exercise regime that would interest you … walking, running, high impact, playing a sport. Find what you would enjoy doing and do 3-4 times a week.
  8. Stress – deal with the stress in your life. Find a way to release the stress that does come in.  It could be exercising, using Essential Oils, getting a pet, reading a book, and taking a bath.  Find what will work for you and implement it as soon as you feel that stress coming on.   Don’t believe it’s normal and that you have to live with it.  Don’t let it become your friend.
  9. Attitude – have a grateful attitude. At the end of the day, write down at least one thing you are grateful for.  Start a gratitude journal.  Being negative and stressed out is not a way to live.  It has been shown that negativity and stress can be the major cause of many life-threatening illnesses.  Turn this around for yourself.  Only you can change it.
  10. Sugar – cut it from your diet. Start by not putting refined sugar in anything you eat or drink.  Processed/refined sugar can paralyze your White Blood Count (WBC) up to 5 hours.  Then as you move forward, read the ingredient list of foods you are eating.  You will find that much of the processed foods contain high amounts of sugar.  Avoid them.
  11. Processed foods – remove from your diet. If you did not make it or if it comes in a box or can, don’t eat it.
  12. Plan Your Menu – choose a day each week to plan what you will eat for the following week. Do not “shoot by the hip” when you are at the grocery store.  Be thoughtful and intentional about your diet.  Check out new recipes.  Perhaps try one new recipe per week. If you and your family like it, then keep it.  Otherwise toss.

Does this list seem overwhelming to build upon each day?  Then take one suggestion a week and work that into your life.  I promise you will start to feel better.  Once you start incorporating good wholesome foods in your diet, your body will crave them.  There are certain things I cannot image ever sinking my teeth into.  One of those is donuts.  I have not had a donut in about 30 years.  I could not imagine eating one.  I think if I gave in and had one, I’d be sick.  The other is boxed dessert.  I do like my cakes and pies from time to time but if it’s not homemade and came from a box, I cannot eat it … as good as it might look.  I truly can taste the chemicals.  The same with M&Ms. I cannot put them in my mouth.  I can taste the chemicals in those M&Ms. Your body knows what it needs.  We need to learn to listen to it.

So my hope is that this list of 12 suggestions will help propel you into a life-style of healthful living.  If you need support, guidance and some coaching to propel you into a more healthful lifestyle, consider hiring a Health, Wellness & Organizational Coach.  I am trained to encourage you, guide you and keep you going so you can get to your desired goal whether it’s getting into those jeans that no longer fit or having more energy to play with the kids or grankids.  I am here to help you reach those goals.

Have fun beginning this 12-Day lifestyle and health change!!  Keep me posted how you are doing.  I’m here if you need me.

Your Health, Wellness and Organizing Expert … Believing in You!