15 Organizing Tips For the Holidays

Can you believe that Christmas is just 20 days away? Are you ready? I have to say I am not. I have 2 gift christmas-ornament-474872_1280purchased thus far. But I have to say I do have my Christmas Binder and I’m ready to move forward … a little faster.

  1. Create a Holiday Binder. In that Binder, you could have sections such as:
  • “To Do” Lists
  • Gift Lists
  • Crafts
  • Events/Parties
  • Recipes
  • Meals/Entertaining
  • Traditions

On your “To Do” list you could have things to do such as:

  • Rooms to Prepare
  • While I’m out and about
  • Meals to make and freeze
  • Holiday Tasks to Accomplish
  • Gift shopping list
  • Outfits to purchase
  • Groceries to buy
  1. Consider putting off big projects until after the New Year. Don’t think about renovating a room at this time.
  2. Do some light de-cluttering. Do you have rooms to prepare for guests?
  3. Create realistic deadlines for your projects and don’t leave them for the week before Christmas
  4. Take inventory of what you have for the Holidays and make a list of what you need to purchase. Take that list with you when “you are out and about”.
  5. Buy a Christmas journal
  • Make list of everyone you need to buy for
  • In pencil write your ideas
  • Then in pen write what you actually purchased
  • Keep a new page for each year
  1. Toys, toys and more toys – have your youngsters go through their toys and purge. Get rid of the toys that are broken (put in the trash) or toys they have outgrown (considering donating – if in good shape).
  2. Leave time for everyday chores and activities. Remember you still need to manage your home.
  3. Consider hiring a housekeeper or be sure to call in the help (the younger ones can be helpful).
  4. Let extended family member’s help. When they offer to bring a “dish”, let them!!
  5. Have a gift wrapping party or a gift wrapping center where all your items needed to wrap gifts are in one place.
  6. Have decorations that you haven’t used in years. Consider tossing, giving away or donating.
  7. Take photos of decorated rooms so you can remember year to year how it is decorated.
  8. Keep track of gifts purchased and more specifically where you hid them.
  9. Have an un-decorating party. Have pizza, make chili, bring up the Rubbermaid boxes and off you go to getting your house back in pre-Holiday shape!

Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and the most Blessed 2017!

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!





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