31 Things You Can Toss in The Next 31 Days!

When I do speaking engagements as a Professional Organizer,  I always do them “hands on.” I want my audience to walk away with something they can physically do when they get home. So I’ll usually hand them a list of items that I want them to check off to see if they have them in their home. If they do, they are going to de-clutter and remove them. They are usually items that can be tossed but sometimes they warrant a donation.

So to help you with some de-cluttering for the next 31 days, here is a list of 31 items you can probably remove from your home. Let’s have a “De-Cluttering Month of August” challenge.

  1. Old curlers
  2. Old Tupperware
  3. Worn out sheets
  4. Frayed towels
  5. Broken down boxes (you think you’ll use one day)
  6. Books you’ll never read
  7. Expired medications
  8. Thick nail polish
  9. Old makeup
  10. Broken or old glasses/sunglasses
  11. Worn out hair ties
  12. Old magazines
  13. Old cell phones
  14. DVDs you won’t watch or watched and didn’t enjoy
  15. T-shirts promoting others businesses
  16. Product samples (especially the ones from hotels)
  17. Electronics no longer working or no longer used
  18. Worn or old bras
  19. Scraps of wrapping paper
  20. Christmas decorations you never use but think you might “next Christmas”
  21. Kids plastic cups from fast food restaurants
  22. Sets of silverware you don’t need
  23. Excess umbrellas (especially if they are broken)
  24. Toys that are broken and/or not played with any longer
  25. Framed pictures (unhung)
  26. Old cameras
  27. Worn belts
  28. Excess coolers
  29. Games that have pieces missing … or no longer played.
  30. Excess extension cords or old extension cords
  31. Old TVs

So how about it? Do you want to take the challenge? Go for it. Contact me and let me know you are in. Then at the end of the month, send me the list of what you got rid of. The one(s) with the most gone will get a reward!!!

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Your Health, Wellness and Organizing Expert … Believing in You!


  1. Yes! yes and yes…OUT= curlers, boxes, books, magazines, broken glasses, bra, toys,old makeup, toys, games

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