7 Ways to Halt Your Procrastination!

Get Organized Month!
Organizing Tip #25

Do you find reasons to procrastinate especially if you need to focus on organizing or de-cluttering? Here are 7 Ways to Halt Your Procrastination:

1. Just Start – stop making excuses, over-thinking or waiting.
2. Set a Timer – put a timer on for a duration you feel you can handle without feeling overwhelmed.
3. Turn Everything Off – Turn off your phone, your email or Facebook app and close the door.
4. Share This Task With Someone – and check in with them throughout your time so they can help keep you on task and accountable to.
5. Reframe Your Task – look at it from a different perspective. For example, instead of “cleaning out the car” say you are “preparing your car” for that special vacation.
6. Give Yourself a Reward – once the project is fully complete, reward yourself with something meaningful; something you’ve been longing to purchase.
7. Put On Some Music – motivational music; music that is upbeat and gives you energy.


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