Back to School Time!

Clover, South Carolina, USA --- Flashing Lights and Sign on School Bus --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisIt’s that time of year when we are winding down from the summer in preparation for school.  I know that two weeks from today my son starts his college classes again for a third year.  Where did the summer go?

So how can you or your children be prepared as the school season starts?  Well, you can begin by creating a “To Do” list and begin focusing on the tasks at hand.  Some things to think about might be:

  • Do you children need physicals?  Make those Doctor appointments now.
  • What are their bedrooms like from the carefree summer days?  Now is a good time to organize them.
  • Have they grown like weeds this summer?  Look over their clothes and see what might be needed especially as the weather changes.
  • Have they had many late nights?  Adjusting to an earlier bedtime once school starts can be a difficult transition.  Start them now getting to bed earlier and rising earlier so it won’t be such a shock to their bodies when school starts.
  • Are your children “dumpers?”  Designate a specific area upon entry into the house as to where their back packs, coats, boots, etc. shall land.  Dumping on the floor at the door is not an option.  Get them started now to put things in their place right from the get go.
  • Do you miss activities or events?  Think about a space where you can post school announcements, appointments and activities.  Perhaps a bulletin board in the mudroom would work or an extra-large calendar in the pantry.
  • Do you need before and after school care?  Start making arrangements now so you are not scrambling once school starts.
  • Is the pre-school paperwork piling up?  Begin each day spending 20 minutes or so completing those dreaded forms for activities such as music or dance lessons, sports, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts.
  • What are their backpacks like?  Is it so heavy you are concerned they will have back problems down the road?  Then think about a rolling pack; one they don’t have to carry.  Does their back or rolling pack have room for their laptop or tablet?  Pre-plan what their needs will be before purchasing one.
  • Needs school supplies?  Make those purchases now.  Most office supplies stores are having ridiculously great sales.

One of the areas also to look at is their desk or workstation.  It’s important to design their desk to function efficiently and effectively for the work they will do, and the work will become easier.

Here are some steps in preparing their desk or work station.

  • Begin by completely emptying all drawers and surfaces.
  • Wash down the desk with an appropriate cleaner.
  • Sort items by function and get rid of anything that is broken or no longer needed.
  • Use drawer dividers before putting items back into the desk.
  • Only store items in the desk that are actually used at the desk.
  • Hang shelves above or near the desk for storing extra items.
  • Use a bulletin board to post notes instead of piling them on the desk.
  • Reduce cord clutter by using Velcro straps to hold wrapped cords, or plastic sleeves to conceal multiple cords.

Think about where each child works effectively.  Some need total silence so where in the house can they obtain that?  Sometimes it’s their bedroom or there can be another room of the house that will provide quiet.  Some children can work amongst other activities.  Perhaps they can work at the kitchen counter or table.  If that’s the case, be sure to have close by the supplies they need when they need it.   Maybe one of those roll away carts with drawers can be tucked in a closet but rolled into the kitchen when needed.

These are just a few thoughts to get you propelled into preparing for the next school year.  Come back next week for some more school organizing tips!  Happy planning!

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!


    • Thanks Janet. It’s to “wet the pallet” for future purging. Once you start it becomes easier to keep going. Especially as you begin to see results. Thanks for sharing.

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