Best Organizing Method for You!

As we wrapped up our January Get Organized Month, I hope you found the 30 Days of Quick Organizing Tips helpful. Remember, you can always go back to anyone of those tips and apply them to your home or small business at any time.

Today, I’d like to focus on a few different methods for reducing clutter and organizing your home or small business. They all may not work for you so the key is to find the one that works best. Remember, organizing isn’t necessarily a destination. Yes, if you have an organizing project you are starting, you will eventually reach your desired destination once it is complete. But it really will be a journey because in order to keep that space organized, you need to continually apply a method that works for you.

So here are a few methods for you to consider:

1. Empty Space – this is hard for people. But know it is ok to have empty spaces in your home.
2. Timer Tidy – set a timer for 5-10 minutes and remove clutter. Of course you need to involve the whole family in this task.
3. Morning minutes – spend 10-15 minutes each morning readying the home for the day.
4. Evening minutes – if evenings work better, spend 10-15 minutes each evening readying the home for the next day. I like this time the best. It’s nice to wake up in the morning to a fresh and tidy home.
5. Rewards – a clean and orderly home on Saturday means …. (choose something special for the family to do).
6. Trading – when you bring a new item in the home, decide which item could be traded out so you can avoid accumulating clutter.
7. Planning – before you bring anything into your home, make a decision where it will be used and stored. If there is no place to put it, DON’T buy it.

Spend some time reviewing these methods and apply one, two or more to your life and experience that peace in your home or that prosperity in your business.

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!


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