By now … where would you be if you just did it!

I don’t know about you but taking on a big task can cause me to procrastinate.  This is something I have had to work on, focus on and overcome.  To someone else, the task could be a “no brainer” and easy to tackle.  But for me it can seem overwhelming.

A way for me to overcome this “overwhelm” first is to pray.  I do ask for His strength to help me get through the project.  Secondly, I break it down into smaller tasks.  Thirdly, I just get started.  Recently I had 4 yards of mulch delivered to my house.  The pile was large (picture isn’t the full 4 yards) and it truly felt overwhelming for me.  Last few years I’ve had the help of my son.  Some parts of my gardens are easier to lay the mulch than others.  In my back yard I have a two-tiered garden.  That is truly a challenge to get the mulch there.  But I prayed, broke it down into smaller tasks and just got started.

What did that look like?  The gardens are just what is around my house so that means I have 4 garden bed … well 5 because the front stairs divide my garden in two.  I decided that I would do one side of the house per scheduled time.  I did think one morning I would be able to do the two sides of my house because they are the easier gardens to get to.  But by the time I finished one side, I decided to end my time.  It had taken a little over 2 hours so I knew the next side would take at least that if not longer.  It was farther from the pile of mulch so I had more walking to do.  It was muggy and hot and I was tired.  So being satisfied with completing that one side was good.  It took me the whole week to complete this project.  As I started to mulch, I realized some of the plants needed to be trimmed.  Hence, it added more time to my schedule.  But I did it and boy did it feel good when it was done.

How does this apply to organizing your home or your space?  Well, you can take the same concept, the same steps and apply to your home or space.  Praying for strength and a strategy, then breaking it down into smaller tasks and then just getting started.

Over the next 52 weeks every Monday I am going to release a Blog post helping you breakdown some organizing projects that will help propel you to move forward in creating a home of peace and rest.  A place that you will love coming home to each day.

By now … where would you be if you just did it!

Ask yourself that question?  Are there projects that if you just begun you probably would be finished by now.  There were so many things in my life that I kept putting off.  When the years go by, you look back and see that if you just began you would have finished it “by now.”

So, keep on the lookout and visit me each Monday on my Blog OR sign up for my Newsletter.   I will be sending out a weekly Newsletter sharing the same information.  AND if you sign up for my Newsletter you will receive my free e-Book on How to De-Clutter Your Life!

Come join me each week.  It will be fun … I promise!

Your Health, Wellness and Organizing Expert … Believing in You!






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