Capture, Preserve and Share Your Memories!

Memories are important.IMG_0010

Memories are special.

Memories heal.

Memories encourage.

Memories are what keep families together.


We all have memories. Some people tell me they don’t. But that’s not true. Those memories may not be in the forefront of their mind but they are there. How can you retrieve them? A simple way is through photos. Once you pull out those photos and begin browsing through, those memories will come alive.


But then you may ask what do I do with those memories? Tell the story!!!!


We all have stories and they are fun and family members do want to hear them. Some may say no but give them time.   Capture those memories and put them in a book or slide show and those family members will be captivated.


What are some themes you could focus on to tell those stories? Well here is a start … and I say start because the stories can be endless.


But perhaps this will help you to get those memory cells activated.


Themes or Stories:

Carnivals or Fairs

College Days

Coming to a New Land

Farm Memories

Favorite Foods of Childhood

Favorite Movies

Favorite Sundays

Favorite Toys

First Apartment

First Child

First Cooked Meal

First Day of School

First Home

First Job

First Pet

First Sweetheart

First Vehicle

First Wartime Christmas

First Year of Marriage

Fun Recess Times

Going to the Barbershop

Hard Family Times

Hardest Day of Your Life

Holiday Memories

Magical Birthdays

Most Embarrassing Moment

Most Memorable Meal

Musical Memories

Nicest Thing Someone Has Done for Me

Pets from the Past

Playhouse Fun

Returning From War

School Days

Simple Games We Played … without toys

Snow Day Fun

Special Baking Times

Special Clothing

Special Time with Grandparents

Sports Played

Things We Did Before TV

Wartime Memories

What We Did On Summer Vacations

What Were Your Good Old Days?


Hope this list gets your creativity flowing and the desire in your heart to retrieve those memories and share them with your loved ones.


Feel overwhelmed and paralyzed with the process, I’m here to help. I’ve been capturing my family stories since 1997. It’s been very special.  I can help you do the same!

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!





  1. I’ve been looking at a lot of old photos lately, as one of my cousins is putting together a family history book. It’s wonderful that you can do this for people, because it can be very time-consuming, but oh so priceless to have!

    • Janet it is one of my favorite services to offer. I find so much pleasure in helping people preserve their memories. I’ve even done many as gifts.

  2. I think photos are one of the important keepsakes in a home. I agree that preserving and sharing memories should be a high priority. Creating and sharing photo books and slideshows is a wonderful idea.

    • Yes, this is a strong passion of mine. I’ve been preserving my family’s memories for the past 21 years and love it. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or complicated. I just needs to be recorded and written about.

    • Absolutely Olive. Unless your photos are categorized and marked with the date, having to recreate the chronological order of events could be hard. Best then to go by themes.

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