Vlog – Get Going (Virtual Organizing)

Do you love your home? That’s the big question. If you don’t and are stressed being there in this time of quarantine, could it be from the disorganization and clutter? Don’t live with it any longer. Check out this video to help you “get going.”

Organizational Tips/Chores for the Fall

Not sure where you are living, but here in New England we are welcoming in Fall.  Our days are cooler, and our nights are colder.  I have to say I love this season.  I love the changes that are happening in our environment because it helps me and motivates me to make changes in my home, my health and my…

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We All Need to Apply Self-Care!

When I work with clients, I highly recommend that they take time for “self-care.”  I may meet with a client who said they didn’t do any of my homework and actually the day they thought they would do it, they rested instead.  There is this sense of guilt in admitting it to me.  My response is, “Great!  I’m glad you…

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You Have the Greatest Power Given to Man!

Do you know that you have the greatest power given to man and that is the power of choice! Sometimes there are circumstances in our lives that cause us to believe we do not have a choice.  We have to accept the circumstance and situation as it is and we have no power to change.  That is a lie ……

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