Tips for organizing your garage

Organizing a Garage

The weather here in New England is still nice enough to do some outside and garage work.  I’m sure by now, the outside furniture, hoses, umbrellas, etc are finding their way into the basement or garage … or soon to be.  If they go into the garage, it’s a great time to be sure your garage is organized and able…

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Over The Door Organizer & It’s Multiple Uses!

These handy organizers can be found at a number of different stores. Just to name a few.  Bed Bath & Beyond WalMart Target Container Store Kmart Amazon Pottery Barn Teen Houzz Handy Laundry Wayfair These handy organizers are marketed usually for shoes. By all means they work great for shoes but there are many other uses for this organizer. Here…

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Organize your garage with a professional organizer

Let’s Organize That Garage!

With fall upon us (I had to turn my heat on) and the weather changing quite quickly to cold (at least in Connecticut), it’s probably a good time to get in the garage and prepare it for winter before it gets too cold. At least for those who will be dealing with the winter months of snow and freezing rain….

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Organizing Sports Equipment in Your Garage

Recently, I was interviewed by Bed Bath and Beyond for “Organizing Tips” for sports equipment in garages. Their Blog post can be found at: Storing Sports Gear in Garages. As the sports season continues into the summer, there is no better time to start than now with getting your garage organized for all your children’s sporting equipment. Here are some…

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An Unforgotten Space!

Wonder what that unforgotten space might be?  Well did you guess your garage?  When we want to bring some order to our environment, our focus is usually inside our living space … or our home.  We tend to leave our garages unattended or forgotten.   So let me ask you?  Do you place one or both of your cars inside your…

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