“Merry Christmas”

“Merry Christmas”   It’s almost here! Only 2 days away. Are you ready? Well if you are not, I’m giving those that need it, permission to let the rest go. It’s time to enjoy this season with your family and friends. Let go of the last minute details and enjoy!   Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!  

“Christmas is Right Around the Corner!”

Here are some last minute organizing suggestions as we are in the midst of celebrating Hanukkah and having Christmas less than a week away. This weekend work with you little ones to remove those toys that are no longer played with or wanted to make room for the new gifts.  If they are in good condition, donate them to charity….

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“Gift Giving Ideas That Don’t Create Clutter!”

As a Professional Organizer and one who helps individuals and families de-clutter and organize, I wanted to be creative in writing about some gift giving ideas that do not encourage adding more clutter to one’s home.  We are such a society that has so much “stuff” and we have a generation of children that have been “indulged.”  But I have…

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Are You “Dashing Through the Snow?”

Wow, it’s hard to believe that Thanksgiving is over and Hanukkah and Christmas are right around the corner.  Two weeks from tomorrow is Hanukkah and three weeks from this Thursday is Christmas.  Are you ready?  I cannot say that I am. So what are some organizational ideas or tips that can make the next few weeks smooth, easy and enjoyable?…

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Don’t Let Clutter Be Your Guest!

It’s almost here … the beginning of the Holiday Season.  We will soon be celebrating Thanksgiving and just a few weeks later Hanukkah will be upon us.  Shortly after that the Christmas celebration will be here.  If you are like me, excitement will begin to fill your life and your home.  I love the Holiday Season and have fond memories…

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Wrapping items with wrap it

It’s a Wrap … with Wrap iT!

Nothing makes an organizer happier than getting organizational products AND getting organizational products that work. I recently received an organizational product for wrapping paper, gift bags, cards, ribbons, boxes, tape and of course scissors.  It’s by Wrap iT! I’m in love! This product has many compartments that are wonderfully designed to hold just about everything you need for gift wrapping. …

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15 Tips for Organizing for the Holidays

What do the Holidays mean to you and your family? Can you put your Family meaning into perspective as you are preparing for this Holiday Season? 1. Create a Holiday Binder. In that Binder, you could have sections such as: “To Do” Lists Gift Lists Crafts Events/Parties Recipes Meals/Entertaining Traditions On your “To Do” list you could have things to…

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