Helpful Organizing Product!

How many times have you received a discounted coupon only to tuck it away, forget you had it and missed out on the financial opportunity? This happened to me recently which propelled me to create this form.  I had a $10 coupon from Kohls.  You know the Kohls Buck … “Spend $10 and get $10 off.”  That is a coupon…

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Monkey Bars … and they aren’t for exercising!

Do you know that 25% of people with two-car garages don’t have room to park cars inside them and 32% only have room for one vehicle.  U.S.  Department of Energy.  Are you one of those families? Organizing your garage is a space that should not be neglected just because it’s not your day to day “living space.” Spring is here and…

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Over The Door Organizer & It’s Multiple Uses!

These handy organizers can be found at a number of different stores. Just to name a few.  Bed Bath & Beyond WalMart Target Container Store Kmart Amazon Pottery Barn Teen Houzz Handy Laundry Wayfair These handy organizers are marketed usually for shoes. By all means they work great for shoes but there are many other uses for this organizer. Here…

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getting organized for back to school

Organizing with Containers!

As a follow up to my post from last week regarding the condemnation we may feel, at times, when we look through Organizing Magazines, I’d like to take the next step — using Organizing Containers. Last week I talked about the steps of purging before you go out and purchase organizing containers because you might be buying containers that aren’t…

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Why Do Professional Organizers Love to Use Label Makers?

Winding down our Get Organized Month with Organizing Tip #27. Do you ever wonder why Professional Organizers can be nerdy about their label makers? Well there are very logical reasons. Here are a few: 1. When you label something, you give it meaning and purpose. For example, if you create a file folder that says “Bills to Pay,” then the…

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Organizing your budget

Let’s Be Budget Conscious!

If you are like me, I love organizational products.  And if you are like me, you would like NEW organizational products.  But sometimes we need to be budget conscious and use what we currently have. Here are some tips on recycling products you may currently own.  Remember what’s important is not how pretty or new your organizational product is but…

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