Chores are a Must!

Many times, when I am working with a “Chronically Disorganized” person, I find that they are not doing the chores in their home that are basic needs of a house.  I’m not sure why these chores aren’t getting done and sometimes I have my suspicions. But bottom line, there is a reality to our living space and that reality is that we need to tend to chores in the house like dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, doing laundry … need I go on?

After I discuss the necessity of doing chores in their house with my client, they express a level of frustration on how to begin setting a schedule so they can fit in these chores in an already busy schedule.  So, I gladly help them create their family Chore Chart.

If you find that there truly is no time to do the necessary chores to maintain your house, then perhaps your schedules are too full, and you need to cut back on activities.  Maintaining our health, our relationships and our homes must be top priority.

The list below might give you an idea what chores to do and how often to do them.  Of course, every family is different and family needs can be different.  But this might be a start.

Everyday Chores

Make your bed (yes, I’m really firm on this)

Clean your dishes from the day (at least before bed)

Wipe down kitchen counters

Wipe down bathroom counters

Laundry (if you have an abundance in your family)

Clean coffee maker

Wipe down shower walls (at a minimum rinse off the soap)

Weekly Chores

Dust furniture

Vacuum floors and carpets

Mop kitchen and bathroom floors

Clean bathroom fully

Wipe down inside microwave (if you use one – I don’t)

Clean mirrors

Go to grocery store

Clean out refrigerator and toss old food

Do laundry (if you can do in one day – I do)

Every Month Chores

Clean lights

Dust your blinds

Empty vacuum cleaner bag

Wipe down dishwasher

Wipe down washer & dryer

3 – 6 Month Chores

Clean out your heating vents

Clean out your freezer

Wipe down inside your refrigerator

Vacuum mattresses

Wash pillows, mattress covers and quilts

Wipe down your outside furniture (Spring, Summer, Fall)

Clean your oven

Clean coffee maker with some water & vinegar

Clean your stove vent

Yearly Chores

Clear out gutters (especially in fall where leaves fall)

Clean windows

Clean out your fireplace/chimney

Professionally have your dryer vents cleaned out (fire hazard if you don’t)

Clean curtains

Shampoo carpets

Shampoo upholstered furniture

Power wash outside of house and sidewalks

Now if you have children, I highly recommend you get them involved in participating in chores. Anyone that lives in the house should take part in the maintenance of their home.  It’s not only mom’s job or mom and dad’s job.  It’s everyone who lives there and a 3-4-year-old can help with something.

I have a simple Chore Chart that I give my clients when needed and would be happy to send one to you.  Just reply to this message.

Put a Chore schedule in place and then follow it.  Creating one and not taking action is only a waste of time.

Remember I’m here if you need help.  Not need to is too big or too small.


Your Health, Wellness & Organizational Coach … believing in you!


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