Closet Overload!

Get Organized Month!
Organizing Tip #18.

Do you open or walk into your clothes closet and feel overwhelmed? Are there so many clothes that you have to force them to hang on the rack only to take it out again and have it be a wrinkled mess?

Are there clothes hanging there that you haven’t worn in so long … but have a hard time letting them go? Then try this strategy.

Take all your clothes that are on a hanger and turn the hanger around so you are placing it backwards on the rod. Mark your calendar 6 months from now or the end of the season. As you pull clothes out to wear and are ready to hang them up again, place the hanger back on the rod the correct way. When the season is over, take inventory of all those hangers that are still on the rod backwards and consider removing them permanently from your closet.

It would be interesting to see what percent of your clothes have not been worn during the whole season. Consider donating or giving them away.

So go to your clothes closet and take this step. You will see how freeing this will be for you.
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