Clutter and Emotions, Are They Connected?

There is a lot of talk about the Kon Mari Method of Organizing. Marie’s statement of, “surround yourself 10.27.14only by the things that spark joy” is valid but only to a limited extent.   As much as I love that statement and think that it can apply to many, many people, there is a segment of the population that it can be dangerous for. That group of people is the one that have let their stuff, their belongings, and their treasures replace something in their life. To them their “stuff” brings them joy, not people, not relationships, not life.

It’s filling a void in their life that continues to be empty. It’s replacing a trauma in their life that has never been fully healed. It’s even replacing the emptiness or loneliness they experience each and every day. So saying that we only should keep what brings us joy won’t really work for this individual. Again, their “stuff” brings them joy even in it’s abundance.

Their joy maybe a distorted joy but to them it’s joy. If they followed the Kon Mari Method, these individuals will continue to hold onto their abundant belongings and never reach a place of freedom.

We all need to look at our “stuff” or our belongings and ask ourselves, “What are these items doing for us?” Are these items:

  • filling a void?
  • replacing a relationship that was lost?
  • healing a wound?
  • bringing a sense of protection?
  • making you think you are honoring the person who gave it to you?
  • making you happy … on the surface?

As you look at your clutter, can you find or determine truly what it is doing for you? Can you find the truth for your reason of holding onto too much “stuff?” Doing that is critical for you to then begin to walk in freedom. It’s really taking that first step of getting into the root of why you have so much and can’t seem to part with it.

I work with individuals from all levels of clutter and it has opened my eyes to all the reasons an individual cannot let go of things. These are individuals who have so much stuff will never use their stuff in their lifetime.

Are you one of these individuals? Are you allowing your “stuff” to fill a void in your life? Truth be told it will never bring you the completeness of what you need. Stuff will never replace that loneliness you have. Why? Because stuff cannot love you back.

Many years ago I began a journey of healing for the many abuses I experienced as a child. I had such a wounded heart and so wanted to have the inner pain go away. I didn’t replace those woundings with “stuff.” I replaced it with trying to find someone to love me. The only problem with that was I was trying to get the people who were incapable of loving anyone to love me. I worked very hard at it … only to fail. One day, I had finally come to the end of myself and determined that I wanted to be healed and walk in freedom. I began a painful journey but one that is now complete. For me I turned to my Creator and a good counselor. As we would journey down the road of facing the abuses in my life, we would then turn to the Lord and pray that He would bring healing to that area of my heart. The miraculous thing was, He answered those prayers … right then and there. That part of the pain was over. It was healed. A Band-Aid wasn’t put on it. It was completely healed. The part of my heart that was wounded was now made new again.

Be free my friend. Make a decision today to really look at why you are holding onto an abundance of things. Make that decision today that you will begin the journey of truth and face what has wounded you so you can receive that healing.   Then you can begin the journey of de-cluttering and purging and walk out of your Exodus into the Promised Land.

I’m here if you need me. I would be honored to walk the journey with you.

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!


  1. Such a true, honest and inspiring post, Regina. Your statement, “begin that journey of truth and face what has wounded you so you can receive that healing” is powerful. Thank you for sharing this post and yourself with us!

  2. Great questions, Regina! I found that when people collect items, they never ask themselves these questions before they purchase stuff. If they did, they would realize the reason for their purchase and may stop buying. Going to share this one on social media.

    • Absolutely Sabrina. It’s hard so some because many do “impulse” shopping. Thanks for contributing.

  3. I appreciate your compassionate perspective, Regina! Any “joy” from an overabundance of stuff is really a cheap substitute for the joy that comes with freedom. It is worth the effort to deal with the root cause. I’m so glad you found freedom!

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