Creative Crafting!

Something “creative” for our Get Organized Month with Organizing Tip #28.

Crafting is a wonderful hobby and of course having the right tools makes it all the more fun. Trying to be creative in an unorganized, cluttered room definitely will make it hard. We don’t always have the right tools or the right space but there are ways we can improvise to make our area work more effective and then more creative.

Perhaps these tips will help make your space more effective:

1. Use a rolling tool chest for your crafting supplies. You can move it around the room as needed.
2. If you have folding closet doors or closet doors that swing out, consider replacing them with curtains. This way it won’t take up as much space.
3. Take your work table and put a nice table skirt around it. Now you can hide supplies underneath.
4. Color code your supply zones so everyone in the household will know where items are to be put back. No more searching when needed.
5. Have color coded aprons complete with tools for each specific hobby you do. This way you can just put the apron on and be ready to go.
6. If your lighting is bad, then consider extra lighting like gooseneck lamps that clamp onto your work area.
7. Chairs with wheels on them make it easy to move around the room as you are working on your projects.
8. Use paper towel holders for storing rolls of ribbon, wire or your tape. Pull and snip is all you will have to do when needed.

Hope you find these tips “crafty” for your crafting space. Now go get creating.


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