De-cluttering with Lasting Results!

Sometimes less is more and when it comes to our “stuff,” that statement can certainly be applied. But today I want to apply it to an Organizing Tip for this week. It’s going to be less than what is usually written but I am confident it will supply you with more of what you need.

I love this statement from Darren Hardy and ask that you sit quietly as you read it. Really take it in and see if it can apply to your life and hence your environment so that you might break free from the clutter that overwhelms you.

“You don’t get in life what you want. You get in life what you are. You will only have the level of success in any area of your life that equals your level of self worth. But the human tendency is to engage in the study of effects, while giving little attention to the cause.

Whatever it is you want to change – you’ll never achieve lasting change until you change. Once you improve, everything else around you will improve.”

Read it again. Then read it again until it really permeates into your soul. Until you have a really strong grasp on what it is you need to get to the root of to then change.

And the answer isn’t “my clutter.” The answer lies in a belief system about yourself that probably isn’t true but you have chosen to let it be your friend.   Let’s find some new friends!

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!




  1. Clutter can be more than just stuff. At times our stuff can be what defines us as to what we accomplished. Knowing we are “enough” in our values and actions means much more!

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