Do You Have a Fortress of Clutter or Disorganization?

Ancient Akkerman fortress at Belgorod-Dnestrovsky, near Odessa, UkraineI love when movies or books inspire my life, or in this instance, inspire me to write. Last night my son and I came home from a family Graduation picnic hot and exhausted. The heat really tires you out. After showers, we decided to relax watching a movie and chose “The Gifted Hands.” I love this movie and have watched it a number of times and find it very inspiring. It’s about Dr. Ben Carson, who is the world famous neurosurgeon from Johns Hopkins. As a young boy in school he was bullied, primarily because he wasn’t doing well educationally. (He needed glasses). But he also felt that he was stupid and one day expressed his stupidity at the dinner table.

His mom, who was not an educated woman in the traditional manner, was a brilliant and caring mother. She put her finger on his forehead and said to him, “Son, you got the whole world in here. You just need to see beyond what you can see.” Wow, that really spoke to me. I had to get up and get a piece of paper and write it down before it slipped my mind.

Because of life circumstances that young Ben had experienced, he began to draw conclusions about who he really was. Don’t many of us do that? Don’t we define who we are by what has happened to us or what others have said about us?

What circumstances in your life have caused you to relent to a life of disorganization and abundant clutter? What words have been spoke over you that you now define as truth and are continuing to allow yourself to stay stuck in this mode of disorganization and clutter? Bottom-line … what lies are you believing?

Do you realize you too have the whole world in your mind? You just need to tap into it. Getting quiet and still will help you begin to find the root of keeping you stuck in your disorganization. Or working with a good counselor can help you determine the deciding factors you believe as truth about yourself. We all have the answers or at least the ability to get them. Our mind is a well-oiled machine. But it’s a matter of what we are putting into it that will determine our life’s outcomes.

Just like young Ben had built a fortress around himself that consisted of lies, he finally made the decision to break through that fortress and really see what he was made of. Of course, he had the support of a wonderful mother who believed in him. You may have had a mother or father or both who verbally accosted you. I had a dad that did.   So I had to make the decision to break through that fortress and start believing the truth of what my Creator thinks of me and not the lies my dad spoke over me. Was it easy? Absolutely not! Did it happen immediately? Nope, wish it had. But I was determined to find out what I was made of and begin to pursue believing, adapting and walking in whom I really am.

You too can do the same. How? Here are a few steps:

  1. First, make the decision that you don’t want to live in disorganization any longer.
  2. Get quiet and still and determine what has caused you to accept this mode of living. Is this how you grew up and were taught? Were you always told you were a disorganized mess and would never amount to anything? Are you living in a fortress of disorganization and it has now become your friend … or protector?
  3. Get with a counselor if you feel you cannot breakthrough this fortress on your own.
  4. Hire a Professional Organizer to help you determine the strategy to create an environment in your home or small business that brings you peace into your home or profitability into your business.

You really don’t need to live in clutter or disorganization. You can move forward to a new life. Will it be easy? It probably will not be. Can you do it? I bet you can. Remember, “You got the whole world in here. You just need to see beyond what you can see.” Put on a new set of glasses.

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!



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