Don’t Leave the Little Ones Out of It!

Look what is thisTeaching our little ones the skill of organizing can never start too early.  Even as toddlers, we teach them how to stack, sort and categorize their blocks, toys and stuffed animals.  What a great beginning!

Our next area of focus is the children’s playroom … if you have one … if not … it could be their bedroom.  But before going into the details of organizing that room or space, I want to help you draw your children into this venture.  No matter how young or how old, they can help you accomplish this task.  It would also behoove you to have them participate in something that is theirs.

Habits can form early in life and it is important to help children learn effective ways for maintaining their space.  If we make it an enjoyable priority, they will learn to take care of their things and their rooms with just a few easy tips.

  • First, if you maintain your own space in an organized fashion you are setting a great example for your children.
  • Give each child a “Memory Box” where they can keep treasured items.  Let them have a fun day by decorating it.  AND they have 100% say over what goes in that box.  No input from Mom allowed!
  • Set up a chart of rules that they have input creating.  One rule could be that a game or a toy MUST be put away before another one comes out.
  • Have your children take 5 minutes before bedtime to spruce up their space.  Then it’s fresh for the next day.
  • Help them to see the rewards of maintaining an organized space and it will seem like child’s play!

So gather your children and discuss this exciting new project you are all about to embark.  Get them excited by you being excited yourself.  Tell them they can help you shop when you need to purchase some organizing bins, boxes or shelves.  Off you go and we’ll pick up next week!

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

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