Don’t Loose Steam!

It’s hard to believe that January is past the halfway point and we are closer to the end of the month than the beginning. I don’t know about you but discouragement had begun to encapsulate me and I started to indexbelieve that this year (which I believe has great promises for me) was now not going to go well.

You see I really wanted to start 2016 with a bang! I wanted to have my plans laid out all ready to dash off on the race of a prosperous year. I had new ideas, new services and new products to develop. But that’s not how it started out for me.

As some of you know, owning your own business can be very trying at times and a lot of work. I gave it my all-last year working many hours a day. I have to admit that my life was a little out of balance. I didn’t give myself enough down time or fun time. So my plans were that between Christmas and New Years I was going to spend time organizing and purging my office and putting my 2016 plan together. Well Christmas came and went and I began purging my office and preparing new files for 2016 and that was all I got accomplished. I felt I needed to take some down time and enjoy a break. So I took it with the understanding that the first week of January would be my final planning and Business Plan implementation.

Well sometimes we have the best-laid plans and life has another. My mom got sick and I spent a whole week in the Hospital with her. Being her Medical Rep, I had to be there to sign off on medical procedures because she was so confused. I initially began to worry about my business, worry about not starting the year off right and worry about my mom. I decided that the right thing to do was to take care of my mom and that I needed to have faith that the Lord will take care of my business. Calls started to come in … thank you Lord.

By surrendering to my circumstances and making the decision that my responsibility at this moment was to take care of my mom, peace began to reign in my life. I also had to let go of thinking my year was starting in January 2016 and because it didn’t start the way I wanted it to doesn’t mean my year will go bad. I made the decision to push off my new year to February 2016. I will have my plan in place for then.

So have you made a decision to have a new goal for 2016 and your January got off to a difficult start. Don’t fret. Don’t worry. Don’t give up. Start again. Set a new start date and begin. Believe you will get through. Believe you can make it. Believe that no matter how many times you stumble or fail, that as long as you have breath, you will pick up the pieces and keep going … not matter how many times.

Let’s start again on the race of your desired goal! Remember I believe in you!

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!


  1. I’m so glad you were able to “shake it off” and not give up on your goals. We have this mindset that the beginning of a new year has some sort of magical power, and of course it really doesn’t. February 1 – or even February 13 – is just as good!

    • Yes!!!! So true. But I have held onto that belief for years and when things didn’t go well, I thought I had to start over … the following year. Crazy. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So glad to hear that calls have come in as you’ve had to shift your focus. Losing steam is a concern for a small business owner, but we need to respect our priorities no matter what.

  3. I can totally relate Regina! I proclaimed 2016 as the year of Liana, the year where I would make big changes, step out and try new things and have the year I dreamed of both personally and professionally. Halfway through the month I looked around and realized my year was not starting out like I had planned. It’s definitely time for a reset for me and I’m glad to know I’m not alone! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Well if you keep on keeping on, so will I. Sorry things didn’t start out as planned but we always have tomorrow to start over. Best wishes.

  4. I am glad to hear your mom is feeling better! It’s hard when we are derailed from the start. This is a great post on making sure we carry on when things get rough.

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