Essential Oils for Emotional Support – 1 of 31

I’m going to write a series of Blog Posts focusing on Essential Oils that are supportive for emotional well-being.  These are the areas I will focus on using Essential Oils:

  • For Balancing your emotions.
  • To help bring Focus into your life.
  • To bring Motivation into your emotions so your day will be productive.
  • To give you Uplifting feelings as you proceed through the day.

I have 31 different oils that comprise the above areas for your emotions.  I will be sending them out every 3 – 4 days.  Be sure to come back to my Blog.  I will title it Essential Oils for Emotional Support.

First Essential Oil

The first Essential Oil will be in the area of Balance and that oil is doTerra’s Balance.  The name is exactly what it does.  The combination of oils in this Blend will help support you to have balanced emotions.

Here is the description:

The warm, woody aroma of doTERRA Balance Grounding Blend creates a refreshing environment. We perfectly blend Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile with Fractionated Coconut Oil to offer an enticing fragrance that creates a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere. Spruce, one of the oils in doTERRA Balance, was used by Native Americans for health and spiritual reasons and is still used today to bring harmony to the mind and body.

I love this Blend and think you will too.  If you would like to give this oil a try, go to this link go to this link to get started.

Be blessed my friend and I hope you are developing your Essential Oils supply for your emotional support.

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!