Essential Oils for Sleep!

You have probably heard over and over how important sleep is for you and that when you don’t get enough sleep your body could not …

  • Heal itself
  • Detox itself
  • Regenerate its cells
  • Give your body the rest it needs
  • Clear your mind
  • Strengthen your immune system

… just to name a few.

But what do you do when sleep seems so hard for you to get?  I’m not saying a bad night of sleep every now and then will harm you.  It’s the night after night of not sleeping that potentially could bring havoc on your health.

One of the things I do every night is diffuse Essential Oils.  I have chosen doTerra Essential Oils as my oil of choice.  You want to be sure your Essential Oils is 100% pure with no additives or fillers.  Buying your oil at a discount store or Big Box store might be risky.  You want to be sure they are tested for purity and can prove that they are tested.

So, what are some of the oils that you could use to help you relax, fall asleep AND stay asleep?  Here are some recipe blends that I use.  I do mix them up and do different ones each night.

  • Lavender, Frankincense, Roman Chamomile
  • Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Bergamot, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile
  • Lavender, Clary Sage, Ylang Ylang
  • Lavender, Cedarwood
  • Patchouli, Cedarwood
  • Lavender, Vetiver, Roman Chamomile
  • Serenity
  • Lavender
  • Roman Chamomile, Vetiver
  • Frankincense, Cedarwood, Wild Orange

This is truly a great start of Essential Oils that you could try to aid in your sleep issues.  The picture here is my supply of oils with my recipe cards as I look for different options each night.  I have blends that I use for “anti-aging” oils, stress reduction, uplifting/motivation just to name a few.

So, have you considered getting started using Essential Oils in your life?  Would you like some assistance on getting starting with supplementing your health issues with Essential Oils, then Yes! I Want More Info On Essential Oils.  Let’s have a 30-Minute Free Consult.  I’m here for you.  I’ll support you.  I’ll encourage you and I will believe in you as you reach your goal.

Your Health, Wellness & Organizational Coach … believing in you!