Essential Oils – To Dilute or Not Dilute?

One of the biggest questions about using Essential Oils (EO) is whether you should dilute it or not with a Carrier Oil (CO)?  You might think that if you did dilute your EO, you are getting less of an effect from the oil.  Well according to Dr. David Hill from doTerra, that is not the case.  But there is a certain consideration to take to be sure your dilution is working effectively.

That pertains to the type of Carrier Oil you use and being sure that it is “near-neutral pH.”  doTerra’s Fractionated Coconut Oil (FCO) is near-neutral pH.   This means it is incapable of altering the chemical make-up of the Essential Oil you are mixing it with.   When you want to dilute your Essential Oil, be sure to check the pH of the Carrier Oil.  I personally stick with doTerra’s Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Do you know what “Fractionated” means?  Well for those that don’t, it means that when the oil is in a cool environment, it will not become a solid.  It will stay a liquid.

The nice thing about Coconut Oil is that it is excellent for your skin.  Unlike using Olive Oil or other Vegetable Oils, Coconut Oil does not leave a greasy residue on your skin and hence on your clothes.  It is also a stable oil.   You do not need to be concerned it will go rancid after you have used it just a few times.  I keep my FCO in my bathroom cabinet.  This is where I usually mix my oils.

So why would you want to dilute your Essential Oil?  One of the reasons is that it has been shown to improve the application of your EO through different pathways.  Because EO is “volitile” (means that can evaporate quickly), diluting will give you a greater benefit of your desired oil. When you dilute your EO with FCO, it slows that process down by decreasing the surface area exposed to the air.  Hence, you have less evaporation.

Essential Oils are “lipophilic.”  This means they are attracted to and are soluble in fatty substances.  By diluting EOs in a good quality Carrier Oil before applying, will enhance their properties and provide a number of benefits.

Studies have shown that when you dilute your EO, the chemical constituents will pass through the skin or epidermis more effectively than if you applied NEAT (applying Essential Oil only to your skin).

Also, diluting your EO when you are using them on children will help to eliminate any risk for a hypersensitive reaction.  Our skin is our largest organ.  Everything we apply to our skin gets into our system.  Our skin acts as our protector.  It protects our organs and blood from unwanted enemies such as viruses and bacteria’s.  It’s an amazing organ and not one to be abused.

So when you are using an Essential Oil, consider diluting and applying with a “near pH” Carrier Oil.  doTerra actually offers a full line of EOs Check out doTerra’s Essential Oils  already mixed with FCO called doTerra Touch Kit .  They are in great roller bottles too.  This makes it easier to apply.  It is something worth considering.

If you have not tried Essential Oils and want to make changes to your family’s medicine cabinet, let me know.  I’d love to introduce you to a new way of Health and Wellness!


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