Fall Cleaning Check List!

It’s that season again where we begin to prepare out home (inside and outside) for the winter months … at least for those who live in a climate of cold and snow.

Preparing our home is essential to be sure things are in order for those winter months. For example, it’s important to rack leaves when they have fallen. If you don’t and the leaves stay on your lawn underneath the snow for the winter, you will potentially ruin your lawn … I speak from experience. My ex-husband was so busy this one fall and had no time to do it on his own. I kept encouraging him to let our lawn company do it but he was a little stubborn. When I finally was able to convince him to hire them, it was too late. My lawn guy was in the neighborhood but had a full day of fall clean up. He said he’d try to get to our lawn but he ended up not being able to. The next day it snowed and the snow stayed for the rest of the season. By spring my lawn was damaged and I had to do major work to get it back.

Don’t procrastinate on preparing your home. Hire companies for those tasks you either don’t have time for … or don’t like. It will be worth it in the long run.

Here is a great checklist from SMEAD.



As always, when those DIY organizing projects get overwhelming, consider hiring a Professional Organizer. I’m here to help you get your home in order.


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