What do you do as a Professional Organizer?

I enhance the lives of my clients by designing systems that work towards their specific needs and requirements.  I also create solutions for areas in their home or office that are not functioning effectively for them.  Lastly, I do hands-on, physical work in actually organizing their space.

How do I determine who to hire as a Professional Organizer?

Because this is very personal work, you have to feel good about who will be in your home or office organizing your very personal items.  Do you feel comfortable around this Organizer?  Do you have a sense of trust in this person?  What is this Organizer’s background?  Can they provide references, if you ask?

Why can’t I just do this myself?

Perhaps you can and all you need is some guidance on what system would work best for you, how to begin and the steps needed to be taken and also how to “stay” organized once the project is complete.

But if you don’t feel you have the skills or the time to organize yourself, then no shame.  We can’t be efficient in every area of life and hiring a Professional Organizer might be the answer for you.

Are you going to make me throw away my “stuff”.

Absolutely not!  I will work with you to give you the tools you need to reach the goal(s) you set initially.  It is ultimately your decision on what you keep or what you remove from your home or office.

How long will the process take?

There is no cookie cutter answer.  Every project is unique to that individual, family or business.

I am embarrassed by my mess and afraid I’ll be made fun of.  Do you have a policy on confidentiality?

Absolutely!  You will never be made fun of or judged.  I follow the Association of Professional Organizers Code of Ethics.


“Organization and order have always been a challenge in my life, with different degrees of negative impact.  I’m not sure whether it is a genetic thing, for sure my parents and my sister were blessed with the neat and organized gene and my brother and I didn’t ever get a single one. I guess I had contemplated a professional organizer having heard and read about them.

Almost divine intervention – Regina’s literature crossed my path and I just called her, set it up and she was very easy to talk to and was here before I had a chance to think about it.  Perhaps it was the push I needed after yet another New Year’s resolution to do SOMETHING about my home office, not to mention some other equally scary spots around my house.

Regina made it simple and easy…..no fuss no muss, she just dove right in and again, before I could even wrap my brain around it, my office appeared as if through the fog.   It was no where near as painful as I expected, I felt no judgement from Regina, just total support and actually a sense of fun and accomplishment.  Ok, so there was a little psychological issue that I had to overcome, my mother and sister always trying to “help” me so I had felt judged – Regina made me feel totally at ease and POSITIVE.

I worked with Regina on two separate occasions – first in my home office and second at our family computer station. I absolutely look forward to working in other areas of my home. To me it was a treat and even a form of pampering to have Regina guiding me through a process with long term benefit.  Over the years I guess I always thought I would get “around to it” but didn’t, and was frustrated with myself…now I look at my office and I am proud of my accomplishment.

Regina arrived on the dot of our appointed time, which I appreciated.  She had all kinds of aids with her so we didn’t have to do the scramble around my house to fine a large plastic container, or sharpie marker pens for temporary sorting, and she had a lovely label maker which gives such a professional appearance.  Everything adds up to my being able to more easily maintain my space.

Regina- I can’t thank you enough!”

– Liz Hellewell (Windsor, CT)