Get that Refrigerator in Order!

Get Organized Month!
Organizing Tip #24

Just like menu/meal planning (Organizational Tip #22 will help with not wasting food, so will organizing your refrigerator.

Many times we have left overs we forget about or food that gets pushed back in the refrigerator and we forget we have it only to go and purchase more.

But by organizing your refrigerator and placing smalls bins on each shelf will help you not waste food. Bed, Bath and Beyond have wonderful clear plastic bins that fit nicely on refrigerator shelves. Put like with like in each bin and you will not only have easy access to those foods but will be able to get a great visual as to what you have on the shelves.

I try to keep one shelf for leftovers. So when it’s lunch time and I’m looking at what to eat, I just look at my left over shelf to determine what I could make that day.

So pull everything out of your refrigerator, wipe it down spic and span and then put like with likes back in an organized space. You’ll be glad you did.

And oh, by the way, do the same for your freezer. That place can become like a cluttered igloo!

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