Gift Ideas to Simplify Your Shopping

With Christmas only 3 ½ weeks away, many are feeling the stress of this Christmas Season coming upon them.  I decided to have this message be one that could perhaps help relieve your Holiday stress by giving you some easy Gift Giving Ideas.

I don’t believe when Christians started celebrating the birth of Christ, that all the consumerism and stresses were something that was intended.

For Christians, this should be a time of celebration and joy of the birth of Christ.  Knowing that God so loved us and that He sent His Son to come to this earth to be a Savior for mankind, should make this season a joyful time, not a stressful time.  It’s family time.  It’s fellowship time.  It’s a time of worship, peace, and love.  Yet many feel the impact of the consumerism and commercialization of this special day.

We might feel the pressure to outperform and outspend what we may have initially intended.  We can feel like we need to spend a tremendous amount of money buying gifts that might not even be needed, wanted, or even appreciated.  Then only to look at the credit card statements at the first of the year to realize we overspent.

Now add the whole “container shipping” issue with these ships sitting in the water and unable to unload their goods, are making many feel the stress of “will I be able to buy my Christmas presents this year?” 

Well, how about taking a different approach this year for your Christmas shopping and perhaps consider supporting your local business owner. Our small business owners have been harmed greatly this past year and a half, while the Big Box stores reaped billions.

What are some of those ideas you can give as a gift?

  • Give the gift of exercise by hiring a Personal Trainer or Pilates classes
  • Give the gift of an Esthetician
  • Purchase time for a Massage
  • Pay for their next Hair Cut/Color
  • Buy from a local Artist
  • Give a gift to their favorite local Restaurant
  • Give the gift of a golf or tennis pro
  • Give the gift of health by hiring a Health Coach for someone you love.
  • Give the gift of a pedicure. Let them have some time of pampering.
  • Give them the gift of time … your time. Extend a day spent with you doing whatever their heart desires.
  • Sign them up for the Flower of Month Club. Every month they will receive a new flowering plant or cut flowers.  This would be one of my favorites.
  • Create a Meal of the Month This could be meals you prepare or have catered.
  • Tickets to the movies for two or four. Could be movie tickets to a theater or DVDs in a basket with some popcorn for them to watch at home.
  • How about a Gift card to their favorite local coffee house (not Starbucks). Spend time chatting over a cup of coffee.
  • Offer babysitting services. Is your friend or family member a young mom?  Offer one morning a month to give her time to go and do something for herself.  She’ll appreciate you forever.
  • Offer to clean their home from top to bottom. What a beautiful gift this would be.
  • Coupon book of one-on-one time, hugs and kisses, game night, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn … you get the idea.
  • Offer to shovel the snow or do yard work for a season. This is especially helpful for the senior population who are still living in their home.

Lastly, if you feel that your budget is limited, consider some of these ways to cut back on spending in other areas?

Here are 10 Money Saving ideas:

  1. Cut out stopping at Starbucks for that Latte or Frappuccino.
  2. Cut back on the purchase of iTunes and listen to what you currently own.
  3. Stay off eBay looking for bargains.
  4. Don’t go shopping the day after Christmas to look for those “special sales.”
  5. Consider delaying your home improvement projects for next year.
  6. Stop eating out and eat at home. It’s healthier for you.
  7. Save on gas and let January be a “stay at home month” for the kids. No running them around.
  8. Cut back on your Cable TV bill. Do you really watch all those channels?
  9. Bring your lunch to work and don’t eat out.
  10. When you go grocery shopping, go with a list, and try your best to stick to it.

Hope you enjoy this Christmas Season and that it will be a special time for you and your family.


Your Spiritual Life & Health Coach … believing in You!