Giving You a Fresh Start!

Recently I started a Video/Podcast “Giving You a Fresh Start.”  I have 3 focuses with these teachings:

  1. Giving You a Fresh Start … with your immune system!
  2. Giving You a Fresh Start … with your spiritual life!
  3. Giving You a Fresh Start … with your mind!

Each day we have the opportunity to start fresh in any area of our life.  Any situation we are in does not have to be a dead end situation.  But sometimes starting fresh can be difficult and we could benefit by having support along the way.  That is where working with a Coach comes into play.

Because of the traumas I experienced in my past and the bondages it placed me in for many, many years, my heart breaks when I see this happening in others.  My passion is to help those in bondage get set free.  If you have considered working with a Coach or not sure what that means, I am giving you my link to my Coaching Programs to give you a little background.  If this, is you, then I would love to guide you to a place of freedom!

Get more information on Health Coaching by clicking here!

Get more information on Life Transition & Divorce Coaching by clicking here!

If you would like to become familiar with some of my teachings, here are the links to my Video/Podcasts.

PODCAST – Giving You a Fresh Start!

Video on Rumble – Giving You a Fresh Start!

Video on You Tube – Giving You a Fresh Start!

I love what a listener shared from my last Video/Podcast.

I hope you have an opportunity to take a listen to either my video or podcast and that these teachings bless, encourage, and motivate you with Giving You a Fresh Start in whatever area of your life you would like to start fresh.

Blessings and love,

Your Spiritual Life and Health Coach … believing in you!