Handle That Mail Immediately!

GOMHere comes Organizational Tip #4 for our Get Organized Month!  This may be something you have heard before or it may seem like a “simple” task. But being simple is the key to these organizing tips. Don’t think that because something is simple, it won’t work. That is “simply” not true.

One of the areas many clients have issue with is the mail. We are inundated with so much “junk” that it can seem overwhelming. I have a client that gets very “intimate” with her mail and reads every piece from cover to cover … and I mean the junk. I believe her mail is her friend.

Well if that’s you, let’s “unfriend” ourselves from our mail of if you are feeling overwhelmed with your mail, then take these steps.

  • Set up a mail station; a place where you sort through your mail immediately as you gather it from the mail box. It can be in your office or a designated place in the kitchen. But sort through it immediately. Don’t put it on a pile somewhere to tend to later. I come through my garage after I’ve gotten the mail and immediately put the junk in the recycling bin. It never enters my house.
  • Have a waste basket and shredder at this station as well as a system of organization that works for you.
  • Immediately toss the mail you don’t need to look at and shred the mail you don’t want but might have some personal info on it.
  • This is where you need to have an “organizational system” in place. Do something with the bills that need to be paid, the items that need your attention and the magazines you want to read.
  • Put a time on your calendar to now “tend” to the items that need your attention.

If you take this simple step and spend about 30 – 60 seconds each day sorting your mail upon receiving it, you will save yourself a bundle of time later and you will not be creating piles of messes that will overtake your kitchen or office.

Contact me if you would like to create a mail system that will work for you.

Would you like to stop receiving junk mail? Register your name at www.optoutprescreen.com  or www.dmachoice.org  or http://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0262-stopping-unsolicited-mail-phone-calls-and-email .

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