Health & Wellness Coaching

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Our bodies are self-healing!

Our bodies are self-regulating!


BUT … we must feed our body with proper nutrition (whole real food) and feed our mind with the right thoughts (walk in forgiveness and be healed from trauma and rejection)!


Is anxiety, stress and ill health part of your life right now?

Did you know your body has been created to heal itself?

Did you know it’s God’s will and desire that you be healed, well and whole?

Did you know that having knowledge does not necessarily equal behavior change?

Did you know that making a change without the right support, program and accountability can be extremely difficult?

Did you now that we are all “bio-individuals” …  what works for me

may not work for you?

Did you know there could be an underlying reason that you are stuck in this cycle of ill health and until you recognize what it is, you’ll probably stay stuck?

Did you know as a Spiritual Life & Health Coach, I will support you to make those changes to bring you to your desired goal(s)?

Why Hire a Coach?

#1 There is more to healthy living than the food you eat? Relationships, exercise (or lack thereof), career and your spirituality will affect your health? I take a “whole” person approach to supporting you.

#2 Physicians don’t always have the time or the resources to work with their patients to help them build a healthy lifestyle. I help fill that need with our current Healthcare System.

#3 A Coach is someone that has an abundance of resources to help you reach your life and health goals.  We are here to support and facilitate you in this journey. 

#4 We help to awaken in you the knowledge that you have everything you need inside yourself to bring that healing to your body.

God has created your body to heal itself!

But it needs good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle to accomplish that!


“Working with a Coach is not about acquiring more self-discipline or will power.

It’s about personally discovering what nourishes you, what feeds you

and ultimately what makes your life extraordinary.”

Joshua Rosenthal

My Coaching will:

  • Give you the support you need for making lifestyle changes.
  • Help you to understand that nutrition is important; but your well-being isn’t just about the foods you eat. You also need to look at your Primary Foods.
  • Help you get to a life of freedom!

 What Will Some of Your Outcomes Be?

  • Begin to enjoy waking up each day as life opens up to you.
  • Begin to see changes from anxiety and/or depression to joy and peace.
  • Understand your cravings and how to reduce them.
  • Release your dependence on fast and processed foods.
  • Adding new foods to your palate.
  • Increase your levels of energy.
  • Have better nights of sleep.
  • Learn how to avoid environmental toxins.
  • Strengthen your personal relationships.

 I will never:

  • Judge you
  • Be critical of you and the steps you are taking … as small as they can be at times
  • Force or shame you to makes changes

This Program includes (3- or 6-month commitment):                          

  • Weekly one-on-one Spiritual Life & Health Coaching Sessions (via phone, Facebook or Skype).
  • Customized strategies that will help you reach your targeted goal.
  • Action steps at the end of each Coaching Session.
  • Review of Primary as well as Secondary Foods.
  • Coaching Session Recap given after each Session.
  • “Wheel of Life” reviewed monthly.
  • Recommended Books to read.
  • Recommended foods to eat and option meal planning.
  • Essential oil guidance.
  • Recipes
  • Unlimited email support
  • Bonus Gift at the end of 6 Month Commitment

Let me help Restore you back to a life you truly enjoy.  One that you wake up each morning looking forward to living.

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