Life Transition Coaching

Life has seasons and sometimes those seasons are good and sometimes those seasons are difficult.  When we are in difficult seasons, we can feel stuck and paralyzed.  But that does not have to be the case.

Know that whatever season you are in, you can take the good and make it better.  Or you can take the difficult and make it different.  You are the driver of your destiny and when you partner with God, YOU CANNOT FAIL!

What will I help you do:

  • Help you evaluate where you currently are in your life
  • Help you re-calibrate your GPS
  • Help you determine what is not working for
  • Help you look at your past and see how it got you to where you are
  • Help you look at the good from your past
  • Help you not just become a survivor but become one that thrives
  • Help you reach your goals
  • Help you become your best self
  • Help you fall in love with your life
  • Help you live on purpose and with purpose
  • Help you strengthen and develop your spiritual life; if that is something you desire.
  • Help you look at what you are eating to see if there could be health implications such as anxiety and depression

Why do I need a Life Transition Coach?

  • Sometimes we need support, love and encouragement.
  • Sometimes we need guidance, wisdom and fresh new ideas.
  • Sometimes we need someone to help us take charge of our life.

What does Coaching with me look like?

  • Weekly 50 minutes session (via phone, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom) over a cup of tea
  • Weekly Recap of session
  • Unlimited email/text communication
  • Guidance, recommendations and strategies given
  • Commitment of 3 month or 6-month packages

I will never:

  • Judge you
  • Be critical of you and the steps you are taking … as small as they can be at times
  • Force or shame you to makes changes

Let me help revive you back to a life you truly enjoy.  One that you wake up each morning looking forward to living.

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