Is This Your Sanctuary?


Here we are with a new week and a new week means new adventures.  I’m hoping that last week’s Organizational Tips for “The Heart of Your Home” (your kitchen) has worked for you and you are ready to move into the next focus.

This week I’m focusing on your bedroom … the Master Bedroom that is!  This room needs to be your sanctuary; your haven; the place where you rest peacefully from your overwhelmed day.

But in order to start in your bedroom, you really need to start in the closet.  When a bedroom is disorganized and full of clutter, it usually is because the closet is a mess and clothes are not finding their way back in there.

Here are the recommended steps to take to get your closet in order:

 1.     Begin by looking at the clothes that are currently on hangers.  Are there clothes that you have not worn in a year or two because they don’t fit or you don’t like them any longer?  Consider donating the items you no longer want.

2.      Are there some clothes that you have not worn in a while and not sure whether to keep?  Take all your clothes that are on hangers and reverse them on the rack.  Hang them from the back forward.  When you take an item off the hanger and wear it, place it back on the hanger and on the rack the correct way.  At the end of the season, look at all the hangers that are reversed and make a decision if you should keep them … you haven’t them worn all season.

3.      Are there clothes that you are hanging that could be easily stored in a dresser drawer?  Items such as sweaters or even dress shirts.

4.      Group your clothes by type:  dress shirts with dress shirts, jeans with jeans, slacks with slacks, etc.

5.      Are there items in your closet that don’t belong in a bedroom closet?  Find another home for it.  Don’t need to find that home right now but you do need to remove it from the closet.

6.      Look at what’s on your shelves?  Can some items be removed or at least categorized together?  Remember like items with like items.

7.      Are your shoes in piles, bringing dirt and debris into the closet?  Consider leaving your everyday shoes on a shoe tray near your house entrance.  Formal shoes stay nicely organized in their original boxes or clear Rubbermaid plastic box containers.  Clear containers are good because you can visually see what’s in them.  I sort by color.  Then I sort by heals, flats or play shoes.

8.      Don’t forget about using the closet door.  The interior side of a closet door can be the prime location for some organization.  Hang a plastic or canvas shoe organizer that has pockets on the closet door and use it all year round to help keep items in their place.  Items such as:  shoes, scarves, belts.

9.      Look over your belts, handbags, and hats.  Are they:

          Items you haven’t used or worn in the past year.  Consider donating or giving away.

          Do they have broken zippers, ripped holes or just plain worn.  Toss.

          Items that don’t fit or you don’t like.  Donate or give away.

10.   Some ideas for organizing your purses:

          Hang  purses on pegs at different heights on a wall in the closet

          Purchase specialty purse hangers from the Container Store, IKEA

          Create cubbies in your closet to place your handbags in.

          Consider storing them in an “under-bed” storage container.

11.   Some organizing ideas for your belts:

          Hang from a belt hanger on a closet rod

          Hang from hooks in your closet

          Place the buckle over the hook of a hanger

          Roll up and place in an over the door shoe organizer.   Sort by color and put a few in each pocket.

          Roll and put in a bin or clear plastic container.

12.   Some organizing ideas for your scarves:

          Hang over a padded pants hangers

          Use a scarf hanger letting each scarf have its own home.

          Purchase pretty hooks and mount to your closet door or wall.

          Purchase over the door hooks and hang them from there.

Have a go at it!  Next week we’ll organize your Sanctuary”.

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You

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