Is Your Family Room … Family Friendly?

20150216_110433I am in the process of redoing my Family Room and desperately needed new sofas as the old ones were torn and a mess. But buying new sofas led to the room being painted. The room being painted led the painter to take down the curtain rod (to paint) which led me to keep them off and get the blinds I’ve always wanted and wished I had initially purchased. So right now my Family Room is not a cozy place to be. But I’m in the mist of renovations. How is your Family Room? Is it de-cluttered and a comfortable place for the family to watch TV, read or just be social? If it isn’t, here are some quick tips to help bring some order to your room.

1. Do you have an abundance of magazines? If they are older than a year, consider recycling. If you haven’t had the time to read within this past year, the odds are you won’t get to them this year.
The magazines you want to keep, consider using a magazine rack to store them in. Once that rack gets full, don’t add any more until you purge the old ones … even if they weren’t read. If you seem to have a stash of old magazines that haven’t been read, consider unsubscribing. Obviously you don’t have the time to read them. Why waste the money?
2. Do you have an abundance of books not in bookcases? Do you have a bookcase but it’s full? Either purchase a bookcase or purge the one you have. Consider donating the books to your local library for resale or sell them yourselves on or to make a little money.
3. Do you have an abundance of DVDs or CDs? Purge what you no longer watch, listen to or want. You can either donate to your library or sell on the above sites just given. If you have an abundance of DVDs or CDs that you want to keep, consider taking them out of their cases and store in a binder that holds these items. Also, know that in time DVDs and CDs will become obsolete. We are becoming a digitized world and all is on our computers or in the clouds.
4. Do you have an abundance of photos on display? You have a few options for those. You can determine how many framed photos you feel is reasonable to have displayed and rotate the photos inside. Or you can scan your photos and purchase a digital photo frame to display all the photos you desire. Lastly, take those photos and place in a Scrapbook and leave on the coffee table for everyone to enjoy!
5. Do you have an abundance of toys in this room? Well first I want to say, “This too shall pass.” There will come a time when your children will not be playing with these toys so you will be able to purge them. But the sad part is they will be getting older and eventually won’t even be playing with toys. You will miss them as little ones so enjoy now and be patient with the toys being around.
With that said, that doesn’t mean the room should be a mess. The first thing to do is be sure you let the kids know they must pick up after themselves and play with only one toy at a time. Secondly, find some fun storage containers to store them in. You can even find footstools or coffee type tables that have the ability to store things in so the room doesn’t have to feel like a daycare.

As always, if the process seems overwhelming, consult with a Professional Organizer who can help you go from Chaos to Order!

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

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