Just Flip Them Over!

Let’s head over and get Tip #9 for our Get Organized Month!

Papers, papers, papers! This can be an overwhelming task trying to deal with piles of papers. Piles are NOT your friend.

Is your desk or work area just filled with papers? Well here is a suggestion on tackling those piles for better paper management.

Take each pile of paper and flip it over. Now your bottom is your top. Depending on how long these piles existed will depend on how old these piles of papers are. But since you flipped the pile over, what you will be starting with will be the oldest and probably the easiest to toss or shred. If your pile has been there for months, I would venture to guess the papers you are starting with are no longer needed.

Do this with each pile on your desk and you will see how quickly those piles are gone.

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

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