Keeping Your Home Free of Clutter

I’m hoping that during this time of uncertainty regarding our country, our freedoms, our health and to many our jobs that you are able to stay well and stay strong.

How can we take this difficult time and make something beautiful out of it?

One of the things you could focus on is your home.  Do you feel it’s beautiful (and I’m not talking about having a Better Homes & Garden home) but a home that you truly love being inside of?  Is it a place that you feel comfortable spending your time or are there rooms you totally avoid?  Does your home bring you rest, peace and recharge you after a busy day?

My home does that for me.  I love being in my home.  There are certain rooms I prefer over others but for the most part my home is my place of safety and refuge.  It is where I get replenished for my next day of work.

When I asked my clients that question and I get a negative response, it usually stems from one issue … and it’s not because their home isn’t decorated beautifully.  It’s because there is so much clutter they are overwhelmed just being there.

There are many reasons why our home can be cluttered and my purpose here is not to get into those reasons. (if you want to read more on that Click here)  My purpose here is to give you three things to think about that will help you begin that process of making your home that safe haven you truly desire.


The first thing to think about is to be sure your items are contained in a specific area and within that specific area in a specific container and not just lying on the floor.  What do I mean by that?

Let’s take magazines as an example.  Many homes subscribe to a number of magazines and these magazines are just laying everywhere in the house.  So, in your particular home where do you do your reading?  Let’s say the family room.  Then those magazines should be housed in the family room and not lying in multiple rooms of the house.  Then within the family room, those magazines should be in a container or magazine rack of sorts and not just pilled on the floor.  Everything should have a designated place to be in and that place should make sense.


The next thing to work on is concentrating on putting items back in their designated place once you are finished using them.  Once you are done with a specific item, immediately put it back in its place … even if you are going back to it another day.

One of the issues I see many times with my clients is things first don’t necessarily have a home and if they do, don’t get put back when done using them.  Putting things away truly takes a minute or so longer.  But just leaving them where you were using them, only adds to the clutter and you have much to put away at one time.  This can feel overwhelming. So, focusing on putting items away when done  will save you much time and stressful aggravation.


The last issue is to control what you are bringing into your home or your space.  I tell my clients that it is unreasonable to think we can bring items into our home year after year but never remove any.  If we don’t pair down systematically, we will live in a home of clutter and feel no peace there.

Some say the clutter doesn’t bother them.  If you are one that says that, I challenge you.  Perhaps you “think” it doesn’t bother you is because the clutter has come in gradually.  It’s not as if a truck pulled up to your home and dumped all its clutter in there at once.  It got there gradually and gradually you deceived yourself into thinking that it’s ok.

How can I say that?  Because once I work with someone to declutter an area or room, I get calls latter in the night telling me how wonderful it feels to be in that room or area.  They have so much peace, rest and now they love being there.

Take these 3 C’s and apply them to your home.  Do you need some assistance?  Then please reach out.  I’m here to help.  Take advantage of my “free” phone consult or let’s do some virtual work to move you along to a home that you love!

Your Health, Wellness & Organizational Coach … believing in you!



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