Kids Space … Let’s Get it Organized!

20130612_145903Organizing playrooms or play spaces for children can increase the amount of fun they have by reducing the clutter and mess.  But remember ALWAYS involve your little ones in the clean-up and organizational project.  If they are old enough to play with it, they are old enough to clean it up … even if they need a little help.

So how can we make our play areas more organized, fun and effective?  Here are a few tips:

  • Use birthdays and holidays as times to sort toys with kids and donate ones that are not used, outgrown or broken.  Either toss, give away or donate!
  • Use bright lights and paint to make the room cheerful.
  • Take a section of a wall and paint it with chalkboard paint.  They will have hours of fun without much space required.
  • Hang canvas shoe storage bags on walls so kids can easily store and find small toys.
  • Use pegs and hang bags of toys to get them off the floor.
  • Instead of using large toy boxes, install simple shelving and use smaller bins so finding specific toys is easier.
  • Whichever furniture, storage units, or flooring you use, make sure it is easy to clean!

What about those board games?  Board games aren’t much fun if the pieces are missing.  But keeping the boxes of games in spill free condition is also a challenge.  Well here are a few tips to keep your supply of games and puzzles organized and ready for the fun:

  •  Use zipper seal bags to organize game pieces and tape the bags to the inside lid of the box to avoid losing them.
  • Take large zipper seal freezer bags and put puzzle pieces into them, then cut out the cover from the puzzle box that shows the picture and store inside the bag.
  • Use bookshelves or storage bins to keep games and puzzles together.
  • Keep a basket, bowl, or bin on a game shelf for any of those stray pieces.   After a few months, if you don’t find their home, TOSS!!!

Now what if you don’t have a “playroom” per se and your children’s toys, board games and books are in their bedrooms.  Kids’ bedrooms often can be cluttered with toys, school items, and anything they can drag through the door.  Help them to conquer the clutter by setting them up for success with functional storage.

  •  Instead of one large toy box in which small parts are easily lost, invest in several smaller ones.
  • Have kids help sort their items into like piles and put in separate bins, boxes, or totes.
  • Label all containers or use clear containers for younger children who can’t read labels yet.
  • Use fish nets or pet nets to keep stuffed animals off of the floor.
  • String coordinating ribbons from the tops of shelves and use clothespins to attach artwork.

REMEMBER … encourage kids to keep their space organized. When they know there is a special place for each item it will be easier for them to maintain.  At the end of each day, have them take 5 minutes to tidy up their space.

Your Organizing Expert …. Believing in You!

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