Last Minute Gift Giving Ideas

With Christmas … and Hanukah just 12 days away, gift giving can be somewhat stressful if you still havegift-1890381_1920 gifts to purchase.

Do you have family or friends that you are just stumped as to what to give them?

Do you have a limited budget but want to be creative?

Do you feel that you give the same old, same old gifts each year?

Well check out these ideas below. Here are some great, creative and some are even inexpensive gift giving ideas.

  1. Hire a Professional Organizer for yourself or someone you love. Help yourself or your loved one get started making a change in their home.
  2. Purchase a Gift Card and not just your typical one to a favorite store. But one from Kindle or iTunes so they can buy their favorite book, magazine or music.
  3. Donate a heifer in this person’s name. Are they a lover of animals and humanity? This is a great idea.
  4. Give the gift of a facial, pedicure or massage. Let them have some time of pampering.
  5. Give them gift of time … your time. Extend a day spent with you doing whatever their heart desires.
  6. Sign them up for the Flower of Month Club. Every month they will receive a new flowering plant. This would be one of my favorites.
  7. How about a membership to the gym or some workout classes? Get them in the mode of exercising for 2017.
  8. Create a Meal of the Month This could be meals you prepare or have catered. There are many catering facilities that would be great at making this person’s favorite meal.
  9. Tickets to the movies for two or four. Could be movie tickets to a theater or DVDs in a basket with some popcorn for them to watch at home.
  10. Gift card to their favorite coffee house. Spend time chatting over a cup of coffee.
  11. Offer babysitting services. Is your friend or family member a young mom? Offer one morning a month to give her time to go and do something for herself.  She’ll appreciate you forever.
  12. Offer to clean their home from top to bottom. What a beautiful gift this would be.
  13. Coupon book of one-on-one time, hugs and kisses, game night, doing the dishes, mowing the lawn … you get the idea.
  14. Offer to shovel the snow or do yard work for a season. This is especially helpful for the senior population who are still living in their home.
  15. Donate to their favorite charity. One that means a lot to them. Donate in their name.

These are just a few of the many ideas out there for some creative Gift Giving. Let me know if you’ve tried any of them and what the outcome was.

Wishing you the Merriest Christmas and the most Blessed 2017!

Your Organizing Expert … Believing in You!

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